Zumba Gold

Mondays 10:30am

Zumba Gold is a low to medium intensity dance-based fitness class developed with active older adults in mind. Though based on the same four Latin rhythms as the original, Zumba Gold classes move at a modified pace. The easy to follow choreography is suitable for all abilities while still including all-important elements of fitness such as cardiovascular, muscular conditioning, and flexibility. Beginner and limited mobility friendly, Zumba Gold classes focus on improving balance, range of motion, and coordination to the beat of a variety of world rhythms. It’s the fitness class that feels like a party!


Argentine Tango Fundamentals

Mondays 6:30pm

This progressive class covers all of the essential elements of the traditional Argentine Tango and is suitable for both new dancers and experienced dancers wishing to improve the fundamental elements of the dance. Learning Argentine Tango techniques also provides benefits to one's other social dances through improved connection, lead/follow, and improvisation skills. Topics include specific Argentine tango lead/follow techniques, proper weight transfer, the embrace, pivot techniques, turns, cross system/parallel system, the "tango cross," boleos, improvisation, navigation, and musicality.

Intro to Swing

Mondays 6:30pm

Join us to learn Swing! This class is for the total beginner or for those of you who may have learned other dances but are new to swing dancing. By the end of this course, you will have a basic understanding of lead and follow and will be able to dance basic 6 count swing with anyone in the world. You will also be introduced to 8 counts and Charlestons.

No pre-requisite necessary and no partner necessary.

Yoga Flow:

Tuesdays 7:30pm

Connect to the breath and body in an all levels yoga practice. Focus on building strength, flexibility, and endurance through sequences of postures linked with smooth flowing breath.


Argentine Tango Intermediate

mondays 7:30pm

This intermediate level class covers phrasing in both traditional and contemporary contexts, integrating the various fundamental techniques into challenging sequences. It also incorporates more advanced steps such as sacadas, ganchos, changes of direction, enrosques, planeos, and many more, as well as "shared axis" techniques of volcadas and colgadas. Emphasis is also placed on breaking out of "step patterns" and fluidly integrating all of the various techniques musically on the social dance floor. Pre-requisites: Successful completion of an Argentine Tango Fundamentals course or equivalent knowledge of those concepts. No partner necessary.


Lindy Hop Fundamentals

Mondays 7:30pm

In this class we will build up on Swing dancing fundamentals. Here you will learn the original form of Swing: The Lindy Hop. This will include the swing out, the circle, common Charleston vocabulary, and a few other fun moves. We will also introduce the swivels for the follows. Pre-requisite: You have taken our 'Intro to Swing' class or an equivalent. You are comfortable with basic 6 count triple steps and single timing. You can lead or follow basic turns and patterns without thinking. You can also control spacing while dancing. No partner necessary.


NOLA ReBelles

Mondays 8pm

Join our all-female performance troupe celebrating the 1920s, 1960s, turn of the 20th century with French Can Can and more. Les Rebelles of NOLA celebrate the women of New Orleans and connect them through dance regardless of age, shape and background. Unlike many other all female groups, we are a mix of pros and amateurs who help their members become the best they can be through dance. During our classes you will learn a choreography meant to be performed (performing is optional), socialize with a bunch of fun women but you will also improve your dance skills and get in shape. Our dance numbers celebrate the hard-core women who fought for women's rights and visit the different eras when significant progress was made towards La Liberation de la Femme…. Think 1920s Flapper, 1960s Gogo, turn of the Century French Cancan, etc. All that, with a French twist to it! Our Season goes from September-June. And there are 3 sessions/year. 


Balboa/Blues Fusion

Mondays 8:30pm

Join Gabriel to learn balboa/blues fusion! This is an 8-week series. No partner necessary.


Zydeco and Cajun Waltz

Mondays 8:30pm 

This class covers leading and following Zydeco and Cajun Waltz basic patterns with several variations as well as identifying Louisiana's local music. It is appropriate for completely new dancers, or those who have experience in other dances. No pre-requisite necessary and no partner necessary.


Salsa on1 Intermediate with Bayou Movimiento

Tuesdays 6:30pm 

There is SO MUCH to learn in salsa! This 8 week course is built to teach and train dancers in all of these techniques and skillsets by focusing on specific qualities and components in a course! This class has amplified the skills of many dancers throughout the years and has challenged even the most veteran dancers, while allowing the newer intermediate level dancers hone their skills and begin to create themselves the way they would like to dance! This is an 8-week series.

West Coast Swing Fundamentals

Tuesdays 6:30pm

This class is for the total beginner or for those of you who may have learned other dances but are new to West Coast Swing. WCS is the most contemporary and current form of swing dances. It is danced to slower tempos and to music from R&B to contemporary tunes you hear every day on the radio. You will learn the foundation for lead or follow skills. This class will introduce 6 and 8-count basics danced anywhere.

Ballroom Basics

tuesdays 6:30pm

New Orleans is the best place in the country to learn how to dance and this class is for the beginner who wants to take a formal dance and use it in an informal environment like Frenchmen street or an wedding after party! No pre-requisite necessary and no partner necessary.

Salsa on1 Fundamentals with Bayou Movimiento

Tuesdays 7:30pm

This 8 week course is designed to teach the fundamental techniques needed to perform almost any movement in salsa! Taught ON1, but the techniques learned have proven to be transferrable to salsa ON2, casino, and various other styles! No matter how many left feet you believe yourself to have, this course has helped 100's of students find their right foot and dance confidently! Even advanced dancers like to go back and take this class to re-learn and hone in on skills they haven't worked on in a minute! Drop-Ins accepted throughout the series

West Coast Swing Beyond the Basics (lvl 2) 

tuesdays 7:30pm

Pre-requisite: You are comfortable with WCS 6 and 8 count basics like the sugar push, whips, push tucks, etc. In this class we will build up on the basics and learn pattern bending and go into more details. We will focus on developing skills with anchoring, stretching and improving lead/follow skills on the social floor. Finally, musicality will be introduced. No partner necessary.


Intro to Brazilian Zouk 

tuesdays 7:30pm

Join us for Intro to Brazilian Zouk, which is the dance sweeping the world by storm right now. If you learn it now you will be ahead of the curve. It is true sensuality and connection on the dance floor.


Bachata All-Levels with Bayou Movimiento

tuesdays 8:30pm

One of our favorite things about bachata dancing, is a true beginner and an experienced dancer can get on the dance floor and dance together! This ideology was used in creating this course structure! This course has been designed and implemented in a way that has been able to teach bachateros of ALL levels at the same time! Everyone in the class is sure to have fun, feel challenged, and leave accomplished! Each movement, footwork, and shine pattern is taught in AT LEAST 3 levels! This way, everyone is working on the same technique or skill, while learning how to implement them in ways that are new and challenging for them! Drop-Ins Accepted throughout the series.


Brazilian Zouk Intermediate

tuesdays 8:30pm 

Join Alex and Tina to go beyond the basics in Brazilian Zouk! Must have completed Intro to Zouk or equivalent.

Hip Hop 

Wednesdays 6:00pm 

Join Shanda for a fun and energetic class to learn hip hop choreography. Her enthusiasm is contagious. So be ready!
In class, Shanda pushes her students to challenge themselves and find their inner confidence through feeling and movement. All levels are welcome, just be prepared to DANCE!

Intro to Lindy

Mondays 6:30pm


Join Gabriel and Giselle to learn the basics of Lindy Hop! Must have completed Intro to Swing or equivalent

Salsa Fundamentals - NY Style (On 2)

wednesdays 7:00pm

This class is taught by Jana Blakes and Raymond Armant of Mambo Orleans

Students will gain:

- An understanding of Rhythm & Timing On2

- Essential Footwork & Body Movement techniques

- Fundamental Concepts of Leading & Following with a focus on connection and communication with your partner.

Why learn the NY Style?

1. It is the most widely danced style in the world of the international salsa circuit
2. To feel comfortable and confident when traveling and meeting out-of-towners that dance the NY style.
3.Give you a little extra edge and versatility on the dance floor

Partner not required. No experience necessary



Lindy Hop Advanced

wednesdays 7:30pm

Advanced Lindy Hop builds from the techniques and movements learned in previous levels to expand each dancer's fluency, individuality, and confidence. We will work on the dance both technically and artistically. Students of this level are expected to take an active role in their learning.

Salsa: NY Style (on 2) Level 2 (Advanced Beginner)

wednesdays 8:00pm

This class is taught by Raymond Armant and Jana Blakes of Mambo Orleans.

This class is perfect for anyone who has completed the Level 1 course or for more experienced dancers wanting to become more versatile dancers, or wanting to fine tune their leading and following skills dancing On2.

Students will gain:

- An understanding of Rhythm & Timing On2

- Essential Footwork & Body Movement techniques

- Fundamental Concepts of Leading & Following with a focus on connection and communication with your partner.


Flamenco Intermediate

wednesdays 8:30pm

A class for those with some flamenco background or permission from instructor. We will work on body placement, strengthening, footwork drills, turns, palmas, soniquete, and learn the structure of a choreographed patada (short dance) by examining the function of different kinds of steps when danced to a letra por bulerias. Students are encouraged to wear closed toe shoes with a sturdy heel. Character shoes are great, or anything else that has a semi-flexible sole. Comfy, movable attire is encouraged. A long, wide skirt is welcome but not required. Information about buying flamenco shoes can be found here: http://www.rinaorellanaflamenco.com/the-ultimate-guide-to-flamenco-shoes/


Gender-Bender Salsa

wednesdays 8:30pm

This class is for anyone who has ever wanted to try the “other” role in salsa – follows who want to try leading and leads who want to try following! The world of Latin dance can be pretty old school with respect to gender rules, and we want to offer a space for people to break out of that confining mold and have a lot of fun. Learning “the other side” of the lead/follow relationship is useful for not just for improving your technique, but also for your ability to empathize with your partner – a key element of being a great social dancer. Courtesy of Tina, expect a very high quality body-movement component to your instruction!

Peter JS and Tina Singh are both highly experienced instructors, with a combined 14 years spent teaching dance, in not just salsa, but a whole range of solo and partner dances. They are dedicated not only to helping their students understand lead/follow technique and body movement to help you look good and have a comfortable, versatile dance, but also emphasizing what makes social dancing so rewarding – having fun, being part of a supportive community, and not taking oneself too seriously!

This is a beginner-friendly class.


Dominican Bachata Beginner

thursdays 6:00pm 

Learn the key fundamentals, steps, lead/follow relationship, timing, musicality, history, feeling and overall understanding of Bachata in it's most raw form and origin.

Salsa Fundamentals (on 1) 

Thursdays 6:30pm 

Learn the basic rhythm, footwork, spins and patterns that make salsa this spellbound dance. This is the most common way to start learning how to dance Salsa. No experience necessary, no partner necessary.

Salsa Intermediate (On 1)

Thursdays 7:30pm

Join Rubia and De'Jon to learn salsa intermediate! In this class you will refine your basics and keep on building vocabulary while working on technique. Pre-requisite: you are comfortable with the cross body lead its basic variations as well as basic spot turns and traveling turns. No partner necessary.

Flamenco Basics

thursdays 8:30pm

A class open to anyone and everyone! No dance experience is required, just an interest in exploring the basics of rhythm and movement. This class will introduce the principles of footwork technique, body placement, strengthening exercises, and as a simple choreography. Flamenco is usually danced solo, so no need to have a partner. All genders, ages, sizes, and abilities welcome! Students are encouraged to wear closed toe shoes with a sturdy heel. Character shoes are great, or anything else that has a semi-flexible sole. Comfy, movable attire is encouraged. A long, wide skirt is welcome but not required. Information about buying flamenco shoes can be found here: http://www.rinaorellanaflamenco.com/the-ultimate-guide-to-flamenco-shoes/

Urban Kizomba Beginner

Thursdays 8:30pm

This course will teach students basics and fundamentals of Urban Kizomba along with connection/adaptation to multiple partners and lead/follow relationship.

Instructor De'Jon Polanski
Assisted by: Rubia Garcia