Swing Basics

Swing Basics encompasses the fundamentals of partnering and swing. You'll work on both 6 and 8 count footwork, moving together and in opposition with your partner, basic turns, and classic vocabulary using both closed and open positions.

It is normal and encouraged to take a series on the same topic more than once. You're building a new skill and learning a new language; it requires time, attention, and repetition. Take it slow!

PREREQUISITE: No prerequisites are required for Swing Basics.

Lindy Hop 1:

Lindy Hop 1 assumes the knowledge covered in Swing Basics and concentrates on more complicated and dynamic movements, including the move that makes Lindy Hop "the" Lindy Hop, the Swingout. The patterns draw specifically on the techniques learned in Swing Basics and the focus will be on exploring new applications of those techniques.


Solo Jazz:

Solo Jazz classes focus on vocabulary, composition, and individual expression. This is a great way to improve, even if partnered dancing is your ultimate goal. Solo Jazz gives you time to focus on your own dancing, the music, and you can use your solo moves in your Lindy Hop! Solo Jazz assumes the knowledge covered in Swing Basics but does not assume any prior knowledge of jazz steps.


Lindy Hop 2:

Lindy Hop 2 classes will introduce more complex movements, work on breaking pattern, and delve further into the subtleties of leading and following. This class will assume a stronger grasp of social dancing, and will require more outside of class work from students. Join this class when you're ready to really get into it - see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

PREREQUISITES: Swing Basics, Lindy Hop 1, social dance experience.

Charleston 1:

We'll roll (hop) through basic partnered Charleston patterns and techniques. This level focuses on posture, rhythm, and partnered connection. Charleston is a fun and athletic dance that is very useful here in New Orleans. Take it concurrently with Lindy Hop Level 1, or in succession, but make sure to get through all of Swing Basics first.


Charleston 2:

Charleston 2 concentrates on connection, style, and more complex patterning. Level 2 classes will move faster than Level 1 and will assume more personal responsibility and dedication on the part of the student. This class will take your toolkit of Charleston moves and techniques and work to create a more fluent understanding of the dance.

PREREQUISITES: Swing Basics, Charleston 1, social dance experience.